Simran Randhawa

Joining us on the NG coach this week to kickback and seriously mouth off is cool AF Model, Journalist, and IG queen, Simran Randhawa. Where we get the scoop on her views on diversity, how she learnt to connect with feminism her own way, makin’ the first move on her boy’f, and how she gets a helping hand from her healing crystals. Yep, we got you all the good stuff.

Notorious for her killer style, her impacting words, and elegance in front of the camera, Simran Randhawa has worked for some of the biggest names in the business, whether that’s in front of camera or gracing their pages. So of course we had to get Simran in to pick her brains on her experiences, how her heritage plays a big part of who she is today, and her hopes for diversity filtering through to the everyday.

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