Stuart MacGill (Part 1) on spinning big, staying motivated and sledging fast bowlers

One teammate I wish I got to know even better during my playing days was the great Stuart MacGill, this week's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Macca didn't care about economy rate or average, he cared about taking wickets, which he did at a strike rate few have ever matched. In Part 1, Macca talks about playing behind Shane Warne, playing under different captains, his bizarre strategy against fast bowlers (it worked on me!) and goes into great detail about the technical side of leg-spin bowling. This is a must-listen for all aspiring leggies. 

Episode rundown

01:48 - We begin by talking about how Macca dealt with playing behind Shane Warne and making sure he was always the 'next guy'

10:17 - When I was playing with and against Macca there was never a dull moment and here we discuss how he used to get under the skin of his opponents, including me!

16:12 - I go over some of Macca's incredible statistics as he explains how leadership played an important role in his career

38:43 - We dedicate the remainder of Part 1 to Macca's technical checklist and the craft of leg-spin bowling


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