Chris Rogers on working backwards, switching off and riding the rollercoaster

Today's guest on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats is a true batting technician and one of my favourite teammates, Chris 'Bucky' Rogers. Bucky was a run machine as a left-handed opening batsmen, compiling more than 25,000 runs and 76 centuries at first-class level, not to mention his 25 Tests in the Baggy Green. It's why there is perhaps nobody better to talk batting technique and the mental side of batting than Bucky, who shares the lessons he has learned across his playing and coaching careers. Bucky also shares his experiences with the media, investing and the inspiring people he has met in this fascinating chat. I hope you enjoy it.

Episode Rundown

02:30 - We start with an honest declaration: Bucky and I didn't see eye-to-eye when we first met but when he returned to the Test team in 2013 we hit it off and became great mates. Here we remember that first meeting before talking about Bucky's career highlights.

12:45 - Bucky then shares his expertise in the art of batting and how he found what worked for him.

28:08 - The mental side of batting is just as important as the technical side so here we go in deeper into the methods Bucky used.

39:15 - Bucky has been on either side of the media and here he shares his experiences.

44:52 - Here we speak about investing and what Bucky would have done differently if he had his time again.

50:00 - The mantras and sayings Bucky lives by.

55:31 - The inspiring people Bucky has met.

59:50 - We finish with Bucky sharing the books that have had the most impact on him.

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