Brad Haddin on following Gilchrist, bringing the energy and keeping it real

Today's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats is a rock-solid wcketkeeper, dashing batsman and a wonderful teammate who shared a very similar ride to my own, Brad Haddin. Hadds worked as hard as anyone to become one of Australia's greatest glovemen and played a huge role in the 2013-14 Ashes whitewash and 2015 World Cup triumph. His thoughts on how he sharpened his on-field skills, altered his training regime and switched off mentally are priceless. I hope you enjoy this chat with Hadds.


01:10 - We start by discussing a few standout highlights off Hadds's career, from his hundred in the first Test of the 2010-11 Ashes, to the 2013-15 cleansweep and 2015 World Cup win

08:38 - Then we drill into the skills aspects of cricket, starting with wicketkeeping

15:36 - Hadds was a brilliant batter in full flight and here we talk about how he did it at his best

18:01 - We moving into the fitness regime Hadds used and how it changed over time

26:35 - Here he discuss mental skills and how Hadds had a mental toughness from an early age 

43:22 - How Hadds handled the media

48:03 - We talk about life away from cricket, starting with the lessons Hadds learnt in investment 

1:00:36 - The mantra Hadds lives by

1:03:20 - The inspiring people Hadds has met

1:07:33 - We finish with the best books Hadds has read

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