Andy Bichel on changing the psyche, recovering his body and being the smiling assassin

Today's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats is a true warrior, Andy Bichel. Bic is Australia's most celebrated 12th man but when he got on the park he was a beast of an allrounder. I'll never forget his 2003 World Cup campaign in South Africa, where he played the perfect game against England to bring his country back from the brink twice. There were fewer fitter, stronger fast bowlers than Bic in his time in the game and in this episode he shares his fitness methods, how he captured more than 750 first-class wickets, developed his mental edge and fell in love with coaching. It was a great chat and I hope you enjoy it.

Episode Rundown

02:50 - We start by talking about Bics' career highlights, from the 2003 World Cup to all the success he has enjoyed with various teams all over the world

09:04 - Bic talks about fast bowling and how he needed a mid-match adjustment to get his groove back

15:28 - Bic was built out of stone and here he shares how he got to be so durable

24:32 - Bic then speaks about the mental side of the game and the advice his uncle gave him

39:12 - Here Bic talks about his relationship with the media

45:!5 - We then talk about the financial side of life and how Bic has handled the business world

52:48 - The mantras Bic lives by

1:01:23 - We finish with the inspiring people Bic has met and the books that have had an impact on him

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