Tribute to Dean Jones

As Dean Jones is remembered at the MCG today, on Deano’s favourite day of the year, Boxing Day, I give my little tribute to my hero and good friend. I miss him so much but his legacy and impact that he had on so many people around the world will live on forever.

Rest In Peace mate.

Episode notes

03:10 - My favourite memories of Deano

04:45 - Deano's most cherished moments for Australia 

12:20 - We chat about batting and the skills Deano focused on

18:09 - Deano talks through how he became a master of running between the wickets

22:45 - The fitness side of the game

28:25 - Deano talks about the mental aspect of cricket and his tough initiation 

44:55 - How Deano has handled the media

50:52 - We chat about wealth generation and the lessons learnt in that area

1:03:50 - Deano's mantra for overcoming challenges 

1:12:35 - The advice Deano would five his younger self

1:21:31 - The influential books Deano has read

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