Shane Bond on bowling fast, bouncing back and coaching the best

There are only a few bowlers who terrorised Australia like Shane Bond did and he is my next very special guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Only injury held him back from being labelled as one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, but when he was on the park, he was one of the most potent and prolific pacemen in the world. In this episode, Bondy shares golden insights on fast bowling and his mental approach before talking about coaching and how he gets the best out of the best players. It is a fascinating chat and I hope you enjoy it.

Episode rundown

01:12 - We start by talking about Bondy's ridiculous career statistics and how he went about setting goals

07:00 - Bondy shares his personal highlights

12:50 - Bondy talks about bowling skills, technique and how he changed his action

24:10 - Fitness plays a big part in fast bowling and here Bondy shares how he stayed fit

28:16 - As one of the leading T20 coaches in the world, Bondy discusses his philosophies and learnings

35:18 - We touch on the mental side of the game

45:08 - Bondy explains why he played nice with the media but wasn't afraid to call journalists out

51:33 - Here we talk finance and investment and what Bondy has done and would have changed

1:02:46 - The life mantras Bondy lives by that were passed down from his mum

1:05:00 - The inspiring people Bondy has met

1:09:37 - We finish with the books and documentaries Bondy has enjoyed


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