Kevin Pietersen on making runs, saving rhinos and riding his bike

Kevin Pietersen is the kind of batsman every player wants to emulate. Confident, aggressive, audacious, skillful - KP had it all. It's my pleasure to be able to pick his brain on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats to discover how he forged one of the finest cricket careers in history. Not only do we discuss the physical and mental side of the game, KP and I talk about how he handles the media, his finances and his brilliant conservation work.


04:13 - We start by discussing KP's life-changing maiden Test century in 2005

08:22 - KP then talks about the many highlights in his career, both personally and in a team

11:11 - KP explains the keys to his batting and how he mastered spin bowling

19:44 - As one of the fittest players of his day, KP talks about his training regime and what is working for him now

24:13 - KP discusses the mental side of the game

33:51 - He is one of the world's sharpest commentators and here KP talks us through his changing interactions with the media over his life

42:32 - KP reveals how he made the most of his wealth and the important lessons he's learnt

49:31 - KP talks about his wonderful conservation work saving rhinos and his business SORAI which is helping save rhinos in Africa and India

1:00:13 - The simple mantra KP lives by

1:02:17 - The inspiring people KP has met


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