Understanding Fairtrade: do you know where your shopping comes from?

From choosing a bottle of wine bearing the Fairtrade logo, to understanding what Fairtrade means for producers, their livelihoods and their communities, Fairtrade is a burning topic that affects us all, but it’s still not fully understood.

In this episode of In It Together, brought to you by Co-op and hosted by Yasmin Evans, we speak to Tess Ward, food writer, author of The Naked Diet and Fairtrade ambassador, about getting shoppers more engaged with Fairtrade through education; and Emily Pearce, Fairtrade Officer at Co-op, about what Fairtrade actually is and why it’s the leading ethical mark.

Want to shop Fairtrade and support producers to ensure they get a fair price for themselves and their communities? Head to the Co-op website to shop a wide range of Fairtrade food and drink at coop.co.uk, and find out more information at coop.co.uk/our-suppliers/fairtrade. #AD

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