Plant-based: what do you really know about veganism?

Whether it’s swapping out a few meals a week, or going all-out plant-based, there’s no denying that veganism is on the rise.

In this episode of In It Together, brought to you by Co-op and hosted by Yasmin Evans, we speak to Rachel Ama, recipe creator and author of Vegan Eats, about the hilarious non-vegan meals her family have made her; Gaz Oakley, chef, author and YouTuber, about how he went from full-time carnivore to committed vegan; and Katharine Shipley, Head of Innovation at Co-op, about the benefits of a flexitarian diet. Plus, they share their favourite vegan recipes, which will leave you searching for the saucepans.

Thinking of making the switch to a vegan lifestyle? Head to the Co-op website to check out a wide range of vegan recipes, from cocktails and nibbles to dinners and dessert, at #AD

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