Sober-curious: is it time we rethink our no-booze, no-fun attitude?

Ever wondered what life would be like with a little less alcohol?

In this episode of In It Together, brought to you by Co-op and hosted by Yasmin Evans, we discuss the idea of sober-curiosity with Spencer Matthews, former Made In Chelsea star and founder of low-booze brand The Clean Liquor Company; Laura Willoughby MBE, founder of Club Soda, the Mindful Drinking Movement; and Simon Cairns, Head of Drinks at Co-op. In this lively episode, our guests debunk the myths about alcohol, discuss their personal experiences, and share their top tips for anyone thinking of changing the way they drink.

Interested in exploring a sober-curious lifestyle? Head to the Co-op website to check out low and no alcohol ranges at And remember, if you do drink, please do so responsibly; for more information, visit, where you can find their self-assessment tool #AD

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