Episode 31 - Fake Art

Even though many people think only of dot-style paintings when considering “Aboriginal art”, it is actually as diverse as the many Indigenous nations who live across the country we now call Australia. Each group has its own unique culture with different languages, different stories and songs, different tools and different art styles.

But increasingly, this art is being exploited in the souvenir market where ‘Aboriginal-style’ designs are manufactured in places like Indonesia and China.

This story explores the relationship between Aboriginal art, culture and identity, and what can be done about the fake art market. 

Produced by Cinnamon Nippard.

Big thanks to Kellyann Drill, Abe Muriata, Joann Russo, Stephanie Parkin, Lee Elsdon, Gabrielle Sullivan and the Human/Ordinary team.

For more information on this issue, check out the following links:

Indigenous Art Code: https://indigenousartcode.org/

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair: https://www.daaf.com.au/

Arts Law Centre of Australia: https://www.artslaw.com.au/artists-in-the-black/

Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre: http://art.girringun.com.au/

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts: https://www.waringarriarts.com.au/donations/warringarri/

Bibi Barba’s case, click here: https://www.copyright.com.au/bibi/


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