Episode 33 - Nirvana Funeral Services

Mic Cavazzini’s last story for this season of Human/Ordinary shares a lot of similarities with his first. It’s about the big things: life, death, and the Himalayas. It’s a story about journeys - how you end up doing what you do in life, and how you end up leaving it.

Produced by Mic Cavazzini

Recording assistance by Rojita Adhikari rojitadhikari.wordpress.com/ 

Original music by Kent Sutherland

Other music by Lennon Hutton - Leather Feather (Epidemic Sound); Monplaisir & Cie - Estampe Galactus Barbere Epaulé Giraffe (Free Music Archive); Sea of Land - The Big Blue (Free Music Archive); Blue Dot Sessions - The Air Escaping (Free Music Archive); and

Borrtex - Going Undercover (Free Music Archive)

Sound effects from soundsnap.com, with special credit for recordings to Charlie Atanasyan.

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