Episode 32 - Why Can't Hairdressers Be Like Plumbers?

Her whole life, May Jasper has felt nervous about going to the hairdresser. 

She didn’t know anything about fashion, and she didn’t understand all the questions they would ask like “do you want more volume in your hair?” (Why, is that gonna make it louder?) 

And so she fantasised about a world where hairdressers were like plumbers. Just getting the job done, no questions asked.

This episode, May finds out why that is actually a terrible idea. 

Produced by May Jasper.

Recording and sound design by Andrew Callaghan.

Original music by Kent Sutherland.

Thanks to Marisa Ganci from the Chisholm Institute and Lisa from Birdie Hair Salon.

If you would like to know more about the hairdressing courses offered by Chisholm Institute, check out their website: chisholm.edu.au/career-fields/hair-beauty-and-makeup 

Or if you want to get your haircut by Lisa, you can find her details at: birdiehair.com.au 

Thanks also to the Human Ordinary team for their editorial advice.

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