Episode 34 - A Feiner Guide to Creative Life

What’s it like to collaborate with your partner creatively, while raising kids? How do you give each other feedback, while keeping your marriage intact?

Beck is an illustrator and graphic designer who previously worked in advertising, and her husband Robin is a writer and creative in the advertising industry. Together they’ve created the books: If I was Prime Minister…. and My Folks Grew up in the 80s. 

Produced by Cinnamon Nippard.

Big thanks to Beck and Robin, and the Human/Ordinary team.

Music by Ori Moto (ori-moto.com). Tracks used were ouse, runaway, comi, and sera.

To check out Beck and Robin’s books head to: 


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For more info about Robin Feiner (outside of the books), click here: robinfeiner.com.au/

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