Episode 22 - Bashir and the Mountain

A fatal avalanche in Kashmir sees Human/Ordinary producer, Mic Cavazzini, pursue the truth of what happened and why, as he investigates the social and economic drivers that almost ensure it will happen again.

Produced by Mic Cavazzini

Original music by Kent Sutherland

Also featuring previously published songs: 

Darling Have I Told You and Calico by Ben Carey 

On The Spot and Backward by David Szesztay 

African Heartbeat by Gregor Huebner 

Kas Vanay Yem Setam by Naseem-Ul Haq 

Beyond the Walls by Nicholas Caffrey and Stephen Davidson.

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Human/Ordinary is produced in Melbourne and Sydney by Sam Loy, Mic Cavazzini, Cinnamon Nippard and May Jasper

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