Episode 23 - A Climate of Micro Changes

In the face of the looming climate crisis it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Cinnamon Nippard grabs her keep-cup and has a chat to people who are doing what they can from picking up plastic on remote beaches, to caring for wildlife, and making their own homes more sustainable.

Produced by Cinnamon Nippard

Learn more about the interviewees and their work…

Michael Mobbs - environmental consultant, author and former environmental lawyer:


Daniela Osiander - conservationist, massage therapist and naturopath: tonikahealth.com.au

Lucky Roland - surfer, barista and #everydaygreenie: 


Original music by Kent Sutherland

Additional sound clips…

Zombie growl from craziwolf at Freesound

Zombie sequence from iSaria at Freesound

Alarm clock by jackjames and tomknevitt at Freesound

ABC news grab about flying foxes and the heatwave from ABC news Australia

Thanks to Sam Loy, Fenella Kernebone, Mic Cavazzini, and May Jasper for editorial advice.

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