The Season of Finesse ft. Kali

The Unbothered crew is shaking the table as we enter a new season. Some might call it The Season of Toxicity, some may call it The Summer of Scams, The Fall of the Finesse or A Season of Reparations. Whatever, you call it.....tis this season to live your best life, sis!

No matter what side of the table you are on - scams are always around us, and as we talk about finesse as a concept, why does it always look different for Black women? Is it wrong to get flewed out by your Fairy God Sugar Daddy? Should a man pay for all of your friends at a group dinner? Unfortunately, this is not a tutorial or the recipe, but surely entertaining! Our special guest, viral sensation, XXL Freshman Class of 2022, artist & songwriter, Kali brings all the tricks, treats and toxic chocolate! Kali shares how she got her start in the music industry, why tunnel vision is so important to her and how she is focused on a season of fun.

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