Invest In Thyself Pt 2: Pleasure Principle ft. Shan Broodram

We are back with part two of Invest in Thyself. We hope you made those deposits to grow your personal, platonic and romantic portfolios.

But today, let’s cue the 90’s soundtrack, "Let’s talk about Sex, Baby!" Black women, have been over-sexualized for decades, yet understanding pleasure and sexual exploration remains taboo. Today, we are pushing boundaries! We are having a healthy discussion around safety, kinks, partnership and communication.

We couldn’t just have one guest for this, we brought in a Unbothered Alum, Kourtney Pope of Don’t Yuck My Yummm. Then, to heat things up even more, we have the “Dr. Ruth Meets Rihanna,” Shan Broodram, sexologist and host of the Lover’s & Friends Podcast. Shan is answering listener questions, redefining healthy sex, and empowering people to be their own sex and relationships experts.

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