Chopping It Off & Up ft. Lacy Redway

Hey Sis, WE'RE BACK!!! During this capsule edition of Go Off, Sis, presented by Dove, we are giving homage to the epicenter of Black hair. Today we're talking about the "BIG CHOP". The “Big Chop” has been a major expression for Black women that symbolizes release, expression, freedom, and discovery. So we think it's time to Cut It Off, Sis! Whether we’re cutting off hair, the toxic stigmas around our hair, or reliving the time that we had to cut it off (not by choice). To add more volume to the roundtable, we have a true beauty maven with a resume, longer than your favorite Cardi B lace front, celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway. Lacy is redefining beauty standards and advocating for why there needs to be more Black creative talent on set and in the HMU trailer.

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