Bae & Bonnets ft. Coco Jones

Dating + relationships + hair combined can be as complicated and stressful as securing Renaissance tickets. Today, we're going into taboo subjects surrounding romance and appearance. The Go Off, Sis crew is going IN and asking serious questions about Black women and hair:

  • When do we put the bonnet on in front of a "new" bae?
  • When do we reveal the “Meek Mill” cornrows under the wig?
  • Would you pull off your wig during your first (you know what) with a mate?
  • Do you have a particular hairstyle that you wear when you're looking for a new partner?

 And for more volume - Our special guest is the talented recording artist and actress, aka the new Hilary Banks, Coco Jones. Coco talks about her career, music, and how she'll never put limits on what's achievable in her life. Tune in!

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