85. Fearlessly Failing - Renée Bargh

Righto, let me be frank here, I was nervous to interview Renée because she's the same age as me but far out, she’s accomplished so much and she’s absolutely chased her dreams. Aussies will know her as a host on The Voice but prior to that she’s been living in USA for the past 10 years and a host on Extra, she’s won 2 Emmy awards, been linked to dating Brad Pitt (which we talk about) and interviewed the greats from Oprah to George Clooney! And after all that she’s so grounded and genuine. Soon as the podcast ended I was like “can we be friends?” Very cool human. Reneé has recently relocated to Byron Bay due to Covid and she couldn’t be more at home, this is where she was raised. Hope you enjoy this chat with the grounded Byron stunner; Renée Bargh.

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