238. Sam & Lola in LA LA LAND - Health & Wellness

I know health might not sound like a topic we’d be covering in an entertainment industry podcast, but we’ve always believed, no matter what your career goals are, health needs to be a priority. Health keeps you feeling clear and that you’re putting your best foot forward. Think about it; when you’re healthy you’re sleeping better, you’re less inflamed and you might even be a nicer version of yourself.

Lola’s also a trained nutritionist so in this episode Sam gets to grill her on all and any health questions. From sleep hacks to decreasing inflammation in the body to finding balance.

Health looks different for everyone and at the end of the day it’s about feeling your best. Of course when it comes to health, like any of us, it’s best to seek the advice of a trained health professional who can look at your case specifically.

Talk Points:

- Side notes; we both loved seeing Top Gun at the iconic Chinese Theatre; you can just book a ticket like going to the movies back home. Here’s the website I used to book my tickets: http://www.tclchinesetheatres.com/

- Here’s the health shop I went to for those full on shots, its expensive but worth at least one visit when you’re in town. Special mention; I also love their vegan taco salad and deep dish pumpkin pie. https://www.erewhonmarket.com/

- Guest 1: We get 3 top tips on how to deal with overwhelm from Australian solutions focussed therapist Pettina Stanghon https://www.instagram.com/pettina.stanghon.solutions/

- Guest 2: Top UK Performance and wellness coach Harry Jameson teach us how to stay active and focussed when time is limited https://www.instagram.com/harryjamesonpt/

We hope you loved this episode; remember we’re doing an “Ask Us Anything” episode so feel free to DM us anything you’d like answered in the ask us anything ep

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Big love!

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