240. Fearlessly Failing: Sustainable farming with Olivers Hens

Meet Oliver Bora of Olivers Hen's. What a legend, I first met Oliver at the Mullumbimby farmers markets. After becoming a huge fan of his ethical and sustainable eggs i wanted to know his story and after a bit of googling i quickly learnt that he started his business in year 11 at 17 years old via crowdfunding. He started with 450 hens, a caravan and space at his school. Cut to today; he has over 2000 happy hens, 3 caravans and is based at The Farm in Byron Bay. Oliver is a very cool human, in this chat he breaks down the difference between free range, paister raised, and organic eggs, so next time you're out shopping you'll be able to support sustainable and ethical farming, after all we get to vote with our dollar. Oliver is smart, talented, driven, kind and passionate about sustainable and ethical farming. It makes me really excited that this is our future. 

Learn more about Oliver's Hens here: https://thefarm.com.au/olivers-hens

Follow him on insta here: https://www.instagram.com/olivershens/

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