234. Fearlessly Failing: True Crime LA with David the Medium

Strap yourselves in for this true crime LA episode. We visit 4 iconic murder locations here in Los Angeles, we share the story of each location, and as you’ll hear things come up for David relating to the murders. Some places felt really eerie and gave you the heebeegeebees, whilst others felt calm, like the energy had shifted a pinch. Here's a list of the places we visited in order: 

Location 1: El Coyote on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood, whist this wasn’t an actual murder location, it’s where Sharon Tate and her friends came for their last meal before they were brutally murdered by the Charles Manson cult clan on the evening of August 9th 1969. You’ll hear David straight away pick up on the way she had been murdered without knowing her story. So fascinating.

Location 2: The Hillside Strangers. This story is really creepy. And as youll hear, it still feels creepyFrom 1977-1978 two cousins kidnapped, raped, tortured and strangled girls. Then would load them into their car and dump their nude bodies long the LA hillsides. Super creepy. Both David and I dint like the vibes of this place, we went to the auto mobile service centre (which it still is today) which is where they took and tortured their victims.

Location 3: The LaBianco residence. This husband and wife were victims of another Manson murder. This time Charles Manson was actually involved and on sight. He entered the house first; tied his victims up and told them nobody would hurt them, only that they were being robbed. He then exited the house and sent his Mason family clan upon them. The couple were brutally murdered just like the evening before at Sharon Tate’s house. Theses murderers were only kids, literally in their teens.

Location 4: You’ve heard me talk about this please before, this is the Los Feliz murder mansion. When cardiologist Harold came home one night and went for his wife with a ball pin hammer, then then moved onto his 18-year-old daughter who escaped, along with his two other kids (just 11 and 13 years old). He then went to his bathroom and took a concoction of meds and died 15 minuets later. The really spooky part of this story is that someone bought the house and left it untouched for 6 decades, rumours say you could still see Christmas presents wrapped through the windows from that December night in 1959.

This episode is like nothing we’ve done before on Fearlessly Failing, but I must say it was so fascinating and David was wonderful, he shared so much and I felt very safe and protected with him there. If you want to learn more about David and his medium and psychic readings then check out him out:

David’s website here: https://www.davidthemedium.com/

Insta here: https://www.instagram.com/davidthemedium/

Big love from Los Angeles, 

Lola (and David today)

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