Krista Siegfrids

Emil gets hold of the crazy energy package from Finland, Krista Siegfrids, as she is sitting bored at home waiting for her fully baked baby to be ready to come out of the oven any day.

Every Eurovision fan remembers Krista as the crazy bridezilla with her ding-dong possy from Malmö in 2013, where she put her mark all over the town and in the hearts of many fans, possibly annoying a competitor or two in the process. She definetely annoyed some entire countries with her "outrageous" stunt of kissing another girl at the end of her performance.

Since then she has competed twice in Swedish Melodifestivalen and landed an almost permanent gig as the host of the Finnish equivalent UMK, and who knows in which country she will pop up next? Or maybe she will return as an insane mom-manager when her daughter competes in 20 years?

Legend: Krista Siegfrids

Song: Marry me (Finland 2013)

Host: Emil Löfström


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