Baccara 2.0

Two years ago Emil spoke to Maria Mendiola and Cristina Sevilla from (one of the constellations of) Baccara. Since then they have gone viral, made a comeback on the charts and published new music, but on a much sadder note Maria alas passed away in 2021.

Emil and Cristina have a new conversation, revisit some of the topics from the previous interview and Cristina tells us everything about the rather chaotic history of the group Baccara after the split of the two original members Maria Mendiola och Mayte Mateos, since Cristina has the rather unique position of having been the replacement partner of first Mayte and then Maria. What went wrong between them, who was to blame and did they ever bury the hatchet?

This interview was recorded especially for the Podcast Radio station, where Eurovision Legends episodes are currently airing.

Legend: Baccara

Song: Parlez-vous français? (Luxembourg 1978)

Host: Emil Löfström


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