Merethe Trøan

The "plump chicken from Trondheim" tried to reach Eurovision already at 14 years old, but had to wait another seven years until she finally succeeded with the unusually structured banger "Visjoner". We get to listen to the way too long and extremely different demo that was accepted to Melodi Grand Prix, and we get to hear Merethe's honest opinions about Rolf Løvland's final arrangement of the song for Eurovision. We will also learn what caused her to laugh out loud during her performance, which has made her something of a meme.

Why was this unusually positive 21-year-old treated so badly by the Swedes? Why was she styled like she was a 50 years old character from "Dynasty"? And what was the biggest prize she won in 1992? And despite the bad result in 1992, why did she return already in 1993, something she really regrets today? How did she find her way back to her own music after the debacle and what does she do today?

Legend: Merethe Trøan

Song: Visjoner (Norway 1992)

Host: Emil Löfström


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