Robin Bengtsson

He was the guy who came on from backstage and gave working out in a suit a face, but the musical career of two meter Swedish hunk Robin Bengtsson started earlier than that. An alumn of the Idol franchise, he got his first chance to compete in Melodifestivalen in 2016 and won it already on his second attempt in 2017. But how come he values his first song higher than the one he actually won with?

How have coincidences led to all of his participations, which will number at four times with his song for 2022, which we actually get to learn some things about? How come he has always performed other peoples' songs in Melodifestivalen, despite being a songwriter himself? Why did Kyiv feel so familiar to him despite him not being able to find Ukraine on a map, what did he really think about the winner from Portugal and what about the short Ukrainian guy who refused to lend Robin his equipment?

Legend: Robin Bengtsson

Song: I Can't Go On (Sweden 2017)

Host: Emil Löfström


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