Hersi Matmuja

When Albanian singer Hersi Matmuja finally won Festivali i Këngës on her fourth attempt the usual revamp of the song started. How much of a say did she have in this process and why didn't she like the final version? Was it only because it didn't bring her out of the semi-final at Eurovision? How did she and the Albanian people handle the disappointing result and how come she didn't even obtain a record contract? And whose bright idea was it for her to go to Denmark to get a huge back tattoo of the Albanian eagle for the postcard?

In spite of the outcome she has a successful and exciting career, which has taken her to such interesting places as the conservatory in Rome, Auschwitz and even North Korea. Trust me, this girl has stories to tell! And if all goes to plan, will we see her soon again?

Legend: Hersi Matmuja

Song: One Night's Anger (Albania 2014)

Host: Emil Löfström

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