Frances Ruffelle

She was known as the star of the musical "Les Miserables", but Frances Ruffelle was surpringsly approached by the BBC to sing all the entries in their pre-selection for Eurovision 1994.

Almost as surprisingly, not at least to herself, she eventually accepted and went on to sing "We Will Be Free", "Lonely Symphony" or whatever the song was called in the end in Dublin.

Let us listen to her memories from the competition, her styling including the infamous headpiece, and her opinions about the result.

She also tells us about her further career, which has mainly taken place on the musical scene, and about her also famous daughter. The only question that remains is; who was more disappointed about her result in Dublin, Frances or Emil?

Legend: Frances Ruffelle

Song: Lonely Symphony (We Will Be Free) (United Kingdom 1994)

Host: Emil Löfström


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