What is the Impact of Hybrid Working on Employees and Employers? (Interview with Peter Cappelli)

On the show today, I am talking to Peter Cappelli, the George W. Taylor Professor of Management and the Professor of Education and Director for The Centre for HR, at The Wharton School.

Throughout the conversation Peter shares his extensive knowledge and research on the world of work, HR, and leadership and we cover a number of different topics that Peter, has unique insights on.

These include:

  • The impact of hybrid working on employees and employers and the effect this could have on people in their careers, now that we are coming out of the pandemic
  • How employers are approaching bringing employees back to the office and what that means for employee productivity and engagement
  • The rise in employee activism and how organisations should respond to this and why, in Peter’s view, companies just aren't getting better at workforce planning
  • Peter’s thoughts on how HR can add business value, as we start to come out of the pandemic

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