Microsoft's Key to Strategic Workforce Planning Success (an Interview with Becky Thielen)

In the face of unprecedented changes in the world of work, driven by rapid technological advancements, shifting work models and the global economy's volatility, strategic workforce planning has never been more critical. 


What can we learn from global tech giant, Microsoft, who have been leading the way in navigating these turbulent waters? 


On this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, host David Green sits down with Becky Thielen, Senior Director of People Analytics at Microsoft, who has been instrumental in charting the course for Microsoft's strategic workforce planning initiatives. 


This conversation will unveil: 


  • Microsoft’s critical ingredients for strategic workforce planning success  
  • The strategy behind building a resilient workforce planning framework 
  • Insights into the common challenges faced and how Microsoft has navigated these to establish a strong planning foundation 
  • An exploration of the tools and data analytics Microsoft uses to drive workforce planning and decision-making 
  • The tangible benefits realised from strategic workforce planning  


This episode promises to be a rich resource of knowledge, strategies and insights for anyone interested in the future of work and strategic workforce planning. 


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