Achieving AI & Human Synergy in Data-Driven HR

As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, the future of HR and its people strategies are going to be data-driven. However, as we navigate through this digital transformation, finding the optimal equilibrium between human intervention and AI automation within HR processes is key if we are to effectively harness the potential of these technological advancements.

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, David Green, and guest Bernard Marr, the author of "Data-Driven HR: How to Use AI, Analytics and Data to Drive Performance," delve deeper into this critical balance and its implications for the future of HR.

Therefore, listeners can expect to learn more about:

  • Insights into how HR is transitioning towards a data-driven approach, highlighting the pivotal role of AI, analytics, and data in reshaping HR strategies;
  • Real-world examples and use cases where the synergy between human expertise and AI automation is most beneficial in HR;
  • The ethical considerations surrounding the integration of AI in HR, ensuring fairness, transparency, and compliance;
  • The transformative potential of immersive technologies like VR and the metaverse in enhancing the employee experience;
  • How AI is revolutionising the field of people analytics and enabling HR professionals to make more informed decisions;
  • The essential skills that both current and future HR and people analytics professionals and leaders should cultivate to thrive in this era of rapid technological advancement;
  • The pivotal role of HR in redefining workforce skillsets for effective collaboration with AI and emerging technologies

This episode is for current and aspiring HR and people analytics leaders seeking valuable insights into striking the balance between data-driven decision-making and human intervention, as well as understanding the transformative potential of AI, analytics, and immersive technologies within HR.

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