How to Overcome AI Adoption Challenges in HR (an Interview with Eric Siegel)

Despite an abundance of research highlighting the importance of AI in enhancing HR processes, the vast majority of organisations are still at the earliest stages of adoption.  

Even among those that have already implemented AI in HR, many are using it only for one or two niche applications. This is largely due to the perceived complexity and high costs associated with implementing AI technologies. 


To tackle this issue, host David Green is joined by Eric Siegel, founder of Machine Learning Week and author of 'The AI Playbook: Monitoring the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment' to discuss how organisations can overcome these challenges and effectively integrate AI into their HR functions. Listeners can expect to learn more about:  


  • The current state of AI adoption in HR and the barriers to widespread implementation 
  • The potential benefits of using AI in HR processes, including improved efficiency and decision-making 
  • Practical advice for organisations looking to adopt AI in their HR strategies 
  • How HR professionals can prepare for the impact of AI on their roles and responsibilities 
  • The role of ethics in AI adoption and how organisations can ensure responsible and ethical use 


You can also expect to hear about real-world examples of successful AI adoption in HR, as well as insights on the future of AI and its potential impact on the evolution of the HR industry. So tune in to this episode to learn more about how AI can revolutionise HR and what steps your organisation can take to embrace this powerful technology. 


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