Planning for Economic Uncertainty: Workforce Planning in Action (an Interview with Oliver Shaw)

In recent months, we've been inundated with news of economic downturns, and mass layoffs in high-profile companies. Though, as HR professionals, we know all too well that not planning your labour cost-cutting strategies effectively can have significant unintended costs for both the company and its employees. 


That's why in this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David sits down with Oliver Shaw, the CEO of Orgvue, to discuss the importance of effective planning in the face of economic uncertainty. 


This conversation will cover: 


- The specific challenges companies are experiencing today due to economic downturns 

- The importance of effective planning to avoid unintended consequences of cost-cutting strategies 

- The steps that companies can take to plan for the future and avoid knee-jerk reactions 

- Planning for the unplanned and preparing for unforeseen circumstances 

- Workforce planning and organizational design coming together under people analytics 

- Building skills from workforce planning and using them for organizational design and vice versa 


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