HR in 2024: The Impact of People Analytics, AI & ML (an Interview with Thomas Rasmussen, Dawn Klinghoffer & Jeremy Shapiro)

2024 has arrived, and for those who have been following the Digital HR Leaders podcast since its inception in 2019, you know it's our tradition to start the year with a deep dive into the top HR trends and opportunities based on David Green's LinkedIn annual HR trends and predictions.  


This year, however, we are going to kick things off with a spin.  


Joined by Dawn Klinghoffer, Global Head of People Analytics at Microsoft and a Board Advisor at Insight 222, Jeremy Shapiro, Global Head of Workforce Analytics at Merck & Co, and Thomas Rasmussen, VP of Organizational Development and Learning at Shell, David and his esteemed guests will be shining the spotlight on the future of people analytics (rather than solely on HR) in 2024 and beyond.  


Listeners can expect to gain valuable insight on: 


- The integration of human intuition and data-driven decisions in people analytics 

- Strategies for leveraging data to influence organisational decisions 

- Balancing quantitative data with qualitative human insights 

- Real-world people analytics examples and case studies from leading companies 

- Prioritising and strategising analytics projects in HR 

- The evolving role of AI and machine learning in people analytics 

- Ethical considerations and transparency in handling HR data 

- The criticality of HR and finance collaboration for measurable outcomes 


So if you are looking for some inspiration on how to seize the window of opportunity in 2024, then this episode is for you.  


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