How to Position Employee Experience at the Centre of Corporate Culture (an Interview with Aaron Falcione)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David is joined by Aaron Falcione, CHRO and instrumental figure in the formation and cultural development of Organon – a company dedicated to the health and well-being of women.  


From policy creation to employee listening, Organon’s HR strategies have all been created with the company’s mission in mind – women’s health.  


Key topics covered in this episode include:  


  • Unveiling the role of HR in shaping Organon's empowering culture and mission 
  • Pioneering policies that champion women's health and well-being 
  • Unleashing strategies for fostering an extraordinary employee experience 
  • Harnessing the power of employee voices in decision-making for remarkable outcomes 
  • Uniting employee feedback and organisational data to drive impactful initiatives 
  • Revolutionising performance management processes for enhanced results 
  • Gaining invaluable insights and advice for aligning culture with the company's mission 


If you’re looking to unlock the secrets to driving organisational success through an employee-centric approach, then this episode is for you.  


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