How to Bridge the Gap Between Customer and Employee Experience (an Interview with Luke Farrugia & Kaz Hassan)

As HR professionals and leaders, if we want to start taking a more strategic approach that will elevate the business impact HR has, we need to evolve from being process-focused to becoming strategic partners. This means taking ownership of people data and insights, and using them to drive decisions that have a real impact on the business. 


Take, for instance, employee experience. How can we make this more strategic? What can we learn from marketing and the strategies that they use to enhance the customer experience? 


To delve deeper into this topic, on this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, host David Green sits down with Kaz Hassan, Employee Experience Industry Lead at Unily, and Luke Farrugia, VP of Marketing at ScreenCloud.  


Both guests bring unique insights and expertise on the topics of employee experience, internal communication and digital transformation, having both dedicated their careers to helping businesses improve their employee and customer experiences alike.  


In this episode, listeners can expect to learn: 


  • Lessons from marketing on their data-driven journey and how HR can apply these strategies 
  • Innovative strategies for effective employee listening and engagement 
  • Insights into why retention is still a major issue and the importance of focusing on employee engagement and a high-quality experience 
  • Strategies for enhancing digital experience, including the effective use of digital signage and internal communication tools 
  • Areas where HR professionals can upskill themselves to effectively manage the transition towards a more digital experience-driven workplace. 


This episode is for every HR professional responsible for improving the employee experience and driving digital transformation in their organisation.  


Support from this podcast comes from ScreenCloud – the digital signage platform that helps HR around the globe elevate their digital employee experience, with 'screens that communicate'. 


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Have employee experience leaders given up on retention?  

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