How Standard Chartered is Unlocking the Power of Skills in the Workplace (An Interview with Tanuj Kapilashrami)

Joining David today, at our Insight222 London Office, is Group Head of HR and Chief Human Resources Officer at Standard Chartered, Tanuj Kapilashrami. Tanuj has been doing some really inspiring work in the people space for many years. With internal mobility and talent marketplaces something that a lot of organisations are looking at right now, this is a powerful conversation for those seeking examples of success to learn from. 


In this episode, you will learn about:  


  • The role of the CHRO, and the skills HR professionals need to develop in order to successfully drive change to a more agile culture 
  • How Tanuj got buy-in for a skills-led approach to talent from the c-suite 
  • The benefits Standard Chartered Bank have seen through their skills-led approach 
  • And what the next steps are for the bank to fully embrace a skills-led approach to talent 




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