How Does ING Create a Culture of Learning Agility? (Interview with Maarten van Beek)

This week’s podcast guest is Maarten van Beek, HR Director for Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg at ING, who I spoke to about the shift from a learn, work, retire approach to careers, to a model of lifelong learning.

To encourage lifelong learning and talent fluidity across the organisation, taking an employee centric approach is vital. In Maarten’s opinion. HR should focus more on the employee journey, the employee experience and less on the responsibilities and confines of rigid traditional L&D roles.

Throughout the episode Maarten and I discuss:

  • How organisations can promote a lifelong learning approach to work by encouraging and supporting employees to reinvent their skill sets every three to five years
  • The power of using skills data to fuel talent fluidity
  • The business value and societal value of measuring skills proficiency without depending on traditional qualifications and educational experience

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