Does the Future of Work Mean Work Without Jobs? (Ravin Jesuthasan and John Boudreau)

This week, we have got two guests on the show: Ravin Jesuthasan, Senior Partner at Mercer and John Boudreau, Professor Emeritus of Management and Organisation at the University of Southern California, The Marshall School of Business, who are releasing a new book, their fourth together, called Work Without Jobs

In this episode we will explore, with John and Ravin, what they are calling a new work operating system, to help people to better understand the link between qualifications, learning and jobs and move away from the current system.

Throughout the episode, John and Ravin discuss:

  • How they see the future of work and jobs evolving, including the core principles behind their new work operating system
  • Examples of organisations like Unilever, Genentech, and DHL, who have already started to move towards this future system
  • The impact on leadership of moving to a new work operating system and what that entails for existing leadership behaviours
  • What this means for HR, people analytics, and society in general, and look at how you can get started with adopting this new way of working

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