How to Know When you Need to Hire

Hiring someone can make your business more joyful, more profitable, more easy to run. And sometimes it can soak your profit without creating any extra revenue. And the advice so often is to hire before you're ready - but what does that even mean? How do you know when you're almost ready (and therefore ready)?! This episode looks at six signs you might need to hire someone and three reasons why you should hold off.

Key Points:
  • Something essential is slipping (2:12)
  • A defined set of responsibilities have evolved (3:08)
  • You hate it or can't do it (4:39)
  • You're overwhelmed (6:06)
  • You're turning away or not going after new business (7:22)
  • Your long-term plan does not involve day-to-day management (8:48)
  • 3 Reasons not to hire (10:08)

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