Is Social Media a Necessary Evil?

I watched an interview with a content director of a company that drops a new product on IG five days a week and I was struck with two emotions. My first was awe at this strategy as an audience engagement and sales tactic. My second was one of dismay. Because when the average business owner or content creator sees that headline and suddenly social media becomes overwhelming. A small business will look at this and think they can't do that and actually run their business so they can’t do social media, it's not for them. And then they panic because social media is how they reach new customers and the doom loop continues.

And none of that is necessarily true.

This episode outlines the myths around social media being your business' be-all/end-all for longevity.

Key Points: The idea that...
  • being omnipresent on social media doesn’t necessarily benefit you as much as it might the person telling you it will.
  • being omnipresent on social doesn’t serve all business goals.
  • being omnipresent on social doesn’t suit every business’s communications goals or style.
  • you must be on social media all the time doesn’t work for everybody.

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