Episode 127: Phish - 9.4

In Episode 127 we shine a light on Pitchfork dot com as the site undergoes a period of uncertainty following the announcement that it will be folded into GQ Magazine. A site that has long been a formative inspiration for us as listeners, as well as for this show, we chat about some of our favorite reviews from the site, our thoughts on its evolution over the last decade, and whether or not we think it should've spent more time covering Phish. We spend much of the episode discussing Pitchfork, but highlight some of our favorite Indie Rock flavored Phish jams as well, including the 11/18/96 "Simple," the 12/16/99 "Tweezer," 7/20/14 "Ghost," and the 4/21/23 "Blaze On."

Songs featured in this episode are:

  • Animal Collective: "My Girls"
  • McLusky: "Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues"
  • Deerhunter: "Earthquake"
  • The Dismemberment Plan: "A Life of Possibilities"
  • Kamasi Washington: "Seven Prayers"
  • The Horrors: "Primary Colours"

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