Episode 121: Crossroad Transitions

In Episode 121 we discuss two of Phish's more derided tours: Summer 2004 and Summer 2016. We explore the reasons the tours were met with cool reception, our interpretations of what leads to transitional years in Phish history, and what these tours mean to us as the years have passed. Ahead of this, we share our favorite albums of 2023 so far. In addition, we discuss songs we love off albums we don't love from bands we love.

Songs featured in this episode are:

  • Bob Dylan: "Born In Time" (Under The Red Sky)
  • My Morning Jacket: "Circuital" (Circuital)
  • Hiss Golden Messenger: "Way Back In The Way Back" (Quietly Blowing it)
  • Rush: "Far Cry" (Snakes & Arrows)
  • R.E.M.: "Around the Sun" (Around the Sun)
  • Tragically Hip: "Morning Moon" (We Are the Same)

Top Albums of 2023 (So Far)


  • 1. Yo La Tengo: This Stupid World
  • 2. Laraaji: Segue To Infinity
  • 3. The Tubs: Dead Meat
  • 4. London Odense Ensemble: Jaiyede Sessions Vol. 2
  • 5. William Tyler & The Impossible Truth: Secret Stratosphere
  • 6. Rose City Band: Garden Party
  • 7. Lonnie Holley: Oh Me Oh My
  • 8. Loscil / Lawrence English: Colours of Air
  • 9. Jeffrey Silverstein: Western Sky Music
  • 10. Natural Information Society: Since Time Is Gravity


  • 1. Ibex Clone: All Channels Clear
  • 2. The Waco Brothers: The Men That God Forgot
  • 3. Yo La Tengo: This Stupid World
  • 4. Jesse Ware: That! Feels Good!
  • 5. The Tubs: Dead Meat
  • 6. William Tyler and the Impossible Truth: Secret Stratosphere
  • 7. Rose City Band: Garden Party
  • 8. Jess Williamson: Time Ain't Accidental
  • 9. Foo Fighters: Here We Are
  • 10. The National: First Two Pages of Frankenstein

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