Episode 123: The Torch Bearers

In Episode 123 we turn our attention towards two of our favorite young jambands, Goose and Eggy. We discuss how we got into each band, where new listeners should start with each band, our favorite jams and shows, and ares of improvement we see for both. In addition, we chat about Phish's Summer 2023 Tour and share our highlights. Finally, we discuss a few indie bands that we believe deserve more attention from our listeners.

Songs featured in this episode are:

  • Goose: Madhuvan - 11/13/2022
  • Eggy: Onitsuka Tiger - 12/3/2022
  • Goose: Wysteria Lane - 3/30/2023
  • Eggy: Burritos El Chavo II - 12/31/2022
  • Ibex Clone: There Is No Light
  • The Tubs: Two Person Love
  • Ratboys: Black Earth, WI
  • Courtney Marie Andrews: These Are The Good Old Days
  • Bully: A Wonderful Life
  • Emergency Group: Part 1

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