Episode 126: Conceptual Brilliance

In Episode 126 we focus on Phish's 2023 New Year's Eve Run with a deep-dive conversation on the jam off "AC/DC Bag" from 12/31/2024. We discuss the first performance of Gamehendge since 7/8/1994, the restructuring of the story, and where this show falls in the larger context of Phish history. We then spin off into a discussion around concept albums. We discuss what makes a great concept album, why so many lead to exhaustion, and how they can be useful for bands.

Songs featured in this episode are:

  • The Kinks: "This Time Tomorrow"
  • The Hold Steady: "Cattle & Creeping Things"
  • The Weeknd: "Less Than Zero"
  • The Who: "The Song Is Over"
  • Willie Nelson: "Can I Sleep In Your Arms"
  • Rush: "A Passage To Bangkok:

Thanks as always for listening and supporting! We'll see you in February for a deep dive on Phish and Pitchfork.

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