The importance of titles: why fonts in movies matter | Title Design with Teddy Blanks

This week, Teddy Blanks joins Rhianna and Michael to articulate the art of title design, perhaps not the titular role in the world of film, but a pivotal one nonetheless. Having designed titles for (don’t hold your breath): Lady Bird, Little Women, Mozart in the Jungle, The Lighthouse, The Farewell, Midsommar, Her Smell, Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Hereditary and many many more, there’s arguably no-one in the business better equipped to hype up the type(face). 

Welcome to Wrap Party, the podcast that toasts the excellence of the creatives and craftspeople working behind-the-scenes on some of your favourite films and TV shows.



  • Midsommar (film). Ari Aster's pagan horror about a young woman's entanglement in a Swedish cult, feat. sinister flowers and a bear scene to rival The Revenant. Watch on Prime Video

  • Hereditary (film). Ari Aster's horror about a family haunted by their ancestors' cryptic secrets: a film so existentially terrifying Teddy couldn't finish it in one sitting. Rent via Prime Video.