The Dangerous History of Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate has become one of the most famous internet celebrities in the world by making incendiary, meme-friendly videos promoting misogyny. But long before he was famous, Tate was accused of rape by multiple women in the U.K.. He was never prosecuted. Now, years later, Tate is under arrest on charges of human trafficking and rape in Romania. So what happened to the Tate rape case in the U.K.? Why wasn’t he ever formally charged?

On this episode of VICE News Reports, documentarian Matt Shea talks to one of the women who accused Andrew Tate of rape years ago and investigates why the U.K.’s justice system is prosecuting so few rape cases. Warning: This episode includes references to sexual assault and descriptions of rape and intimate partner violence.

This story was hosted and reported by Matt Shea. It was produced and reported by Jesse Alejandro-Cottrell and Steph Brown. And it was edited by Ashley Cleek and Stephanie Kariuki with help from Adizah Eghan. 

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